With the motto “Health is the foundation”, Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical always puts product quality first with the desire to best serve the medical examination and treatment of people. We have more than 10 years of distribution experience in hospitals, clinics and large drugstore systems nationwide such as Pharmacity, Long Chau. And Hoang Giang Saigon’s products are also present in many large and small pharmacies across the country, easily accessible to everyone.

Our company specializes in providing products: Western medicine, Traditional medicine, Functional food, Medical equipment, Cosmetics. The raw materials are carefully selected and clinically researched, imported from Europe. Since 2018, Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical is proud to be a reliable partner of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, especially Australia, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Hungary.

Over the years of operation in the pharmaceutical industry, Hoang Giang Saigon has achieved many outstanding achievements to be proud of such as:

Top 100 prestigious brands and tradebrands in three regions 2020
Top 100 prestigious brands and tradebrands in three regions 2020
The typical brand in the spirit of integration and development with the product Khop Phong is a breakthrough in medicine and pharmacy today in helping to repel diseases of bones and joints.

Besides, Hoang Giang Saigon has also received certificates when participating in programs organized by the Ministry of Health:

Outstanding contribution to the institute in 2015
Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical has participated in the program that Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese products

This is considered as one of the things that means a lot to businesses, helping customers increasingly trust the quality and reputation of the product. Therefore, Hoang Giang Saigon’s products are the first choice for your health.

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