Chronic wounds and ulcers are disorders of the regeneration process of a wound. Usually these injuries are seen in patients with poor physical condition, chronic disease or exhaustion. These injuries cause economic and social costs for the patient and severely affect the patient’s psychology and quality of life. The goal of treating chronic wounds and ulcers is to clean and heal the wound or relieve symptoms. Usually, in chronic wounds, there is an increase in the number of bacteria and less clinical manifestations of infection, which is a factor that inhibits the wound healing process.

Treatment of wounds and chronic ulcers has many methods such as wound care with daily dressing changes, antibiotic-impregnated gauze dressings, skin grafts, skin flap transfer, stem cell use, laser therapy, etc. Wanting to bring the ultimate in wound care solutions to help people discover the healing properties of high performance bioactive chemical compounds derived from manuka honey, we hope to bring quality products to serve the medical community and patients to relieve pain caused by acute and chronic wounds. Manuka products have been shown to be clinically effective in hospitals.

We believe that Manukamed products deliver faster, better results for patients, even on the most difficult-to-heal wounds. Manukamed brand Manuka honey wound care solutions for faster wound healing include:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Skin grafts
  • Wounds after surgery
  • Burn
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Skin care, acne treatment support
  • Treatment in dentistry

Here are some pictures that report the treatment effectiveness of Manukamed products:

manukamed 1
Treatment of pressure ulcers


manukamed 2
Treatment of electric burn wounds
Mnaukamed 3
Treatment of electric burn wounds
Treatment of 3 degree burn wounds
Treatment of diabetic ulcers
manukamed 6
Treatment of mouth ulcers recorded results

We take great pride in and believe in the reports from our physicians documenting the clinical efficacy in hospitals, ease of use and excellent patient outcomes of our product. We hope that manuka products will be the optimal product in wound treatment, contributing to reducing costs and treatment time for patients, bringing the best results.

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