Enterprises must have FDA certification to achieve product quality certification, ensuring standards for bringing goods to the US market. This is a US regulation to ensure that goods being circulated in the US meet certain quality standards. So what is the FDA?

  1. What is FDA?

FDA is an acronym for the Food and Drug Administration – the United States Food and Drug Administration – a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The Bureau was established in 1906 in Maryland.

  1. What is the FDA standard?

FDA standards are strict regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor the safety of products under its management list circulating in the US market. Any exporter who wants to bring their products into the United States must comply with FDA regulations and obtain FDA certification.

  1. Importance of FDA Certification

When you want to ship an item to the US or Canada, to be able to clear the goods, you will need a lot of documents and legal procedures to prove the origin, ingredients, quality control certificates and FDA certificate of USA and Canada.

  1. Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical has obtained FDA certification

We know that the foundation of health is the source of all human activities in life. Therefore, Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical always wishes to provide quality products and services to improve the health of everyone.

With a lot of efforts and determination to bring the best quality products to consumers, Board of Directors of Hoang Giang Pharmaceutical Saigon would like to announce to all customers and partners from October 18, 2022 , Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has been certified by the US FDA. With FDA certification, Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical’s products will be allowed to circulate in the US market.

The FDA certificate allows:

  • Goods are circulated on the US and European markets
  • By certifying the quality of the goods, customers will receive confidence in the origin and quality of the product.
  • Products meet safety standards for users

Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd would like to thank our customers and partners for always trusting and using the company’s products!

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