Within the framework of Moscow Entrepreneurs Week, the Moscow Export Day Forum took place in the Russian capital (May 22-28, 2023). This program focuses on important topics of logistics structures and changes under sanctions, while also providing an opportunity to discuss current export trends and future prospects for exporters. New Russian export.

Moscow Export Day Forum

Representative of Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical Company Limited, General Director of DS. Nguyen Ta Tuan, participated in the program. At this Forum, General Director of DS. Nguyen Ta Tuan and representatives from Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam and Indonesia had the opportunity to meet and establish direct contact.

This is an important opportunity to expand business networks and explore cooperation opportunities with foreign companies.

Representative of Hoang Giang Saigon Pharmaceutical Company Limited, General Director of DS. Nguyen Ta Tuan attended.

General Director of DS. Nguyen Ta Tuan discussed with foreign partners

During the business exchange with Vietnamese representatives, Ms. Nadezhda Larionova, Deputy General Director of the non-profit organization “Moscow Export Center”, sent her thanks to Vietnamese business representatives for their interest. came to the Russian market and found an opportunity to come to Moscow. Ms. Larionova emphasized the role of the Moscow Export Day Forum in creating a positive exchange environment and expanding trade opportunities between businessmen of the two countries.

Vietnam has long been considered one of Russia’s priority partners, especially with the capital Moscow. The importance of Moscow in promoting economic-trade cooperation between Russia and Vietnam is explained by the fact that the Russian capital contributes 40% to merchandise export turnover and 50% to export turnover. service export.

Moscow Export Day Forum

Ms. Larionova emphasized that Moscow is an important first gateway. There are currently about 14,000 exporters operating here and this number may continue to increase. More than a million organizations have chosen Moscow as the starting point for their export activities. Therefore, if you want to cooperate with Russia, the first thing to do is through Moscow.

During their visit to Moscow, Vietnamese business representatives quickly established relationships with more than 20 companies in fields such as Information Technology, food and cosmetics. Ms. Larionova highly appreciated the role of events and forums such as Moscow Export Day, because they create the most positive exchange environment and expand trade opportunities between businessmen of the two countries.

Companies representing Vietnam at the Russian Forum include Binh Phu Pharmaceutical Commercial and Service Ltd., Good Medicine Markets Medicine JSC, Barotex Ha Noi Ltd., Open Sky Development Investment Ltd, Envi-Eco Environment Technology JSC, Van Hau Trading Service Ltd and many other companies.

With close connection and cooperation through the Moscow Export Day Forum, Vietnamese and Russian businesses can take advantage of new opportunities to expand business networks, promote exports and enhance economic development. of both countries.

Hopefully with field trips in different countries, Hoang Giang Saigon will continue to select and introduce quality products from different countries to Vietnamese consumers similar to Hoang Giang products. Giang brought it back from the US (Total Prenatal Multi Vitamin), New Zealand (Manuka), Australia (Living Healthy)…

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